Bird Watchers Paradise

Mannar bird watchingSri Lanka is one of the best bird watching spots in the world. Whether you are a dedicated ornithologist or new to bird spotting, Sri Lanka’s wildlife will have you amazed.

Vayu Resort Mannar is situated on the historical Adam’s bridge allowing the birdwatchers to enjoy not just Sri Lanka’s fauna and flora but also India’s wildlife including migrating birds and endangered species.

Spending your birdwatching holiday in Mannar will let you observe the beautiful aquatic birds inhabiting the turquoise water area surrounding Vayu resort.

You will see Greater Flamingos, Black Tail Godwits, Gargneys, Pintail Ducks, Gulls, Plovers, Terns all in flocks of several hundreds. So many Raptors: White Bellied Sea Eagles, Brahamin Kites, Black Kites, Common Kestrels. In addition you can see Crab Plovers  and Pied Avocets.

You can simply head out from your bungalow and observe all these. Its a bird watchers paradise!

Photo credits to Ajith Ratnayaka

Bird Watching – Guided tour – Rs. 5000 per person, Naturalist is included