Kitesurfing Mannar Vayu stories – Meet Eyal Ackerman

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Meet Eyal Ackerman

When you spend some time at Vayu resort, you definitely get to meet some amazing people, it’s all part of the exciting life of a kite traveller. Some of these people stand out, for instance, our good friend of the resort, Eyal. He came to Vayu because our perfect flatwater spot had been recommended to him by a friend, and we’re honestly not sure if he will ever leave.

Eyal is 23 year old Israeli kite and wave surf instructor. He found his passion for kitesurfing 5 years ago when he saw some kites flying at Delphi in Greece. He just couldn’t resist and had to try it himself, as you all surely understand. Now, 5 years later, Eyal is ripping our flatwater lagoon in half, progressing every minute. 


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Beers are on Eyla!

What started as a simple bet for a beer, turned into something rather enjoyable. Eyla bet the kite school manager he could beat the transport truck to the spot on foot during a warm-up run. With a fully loaded truck, the race was on. Eyla, however, had to realise after only 2 minutes, he was gravely mistaken. What happened next were some of the best moments in Vayu’s history! Eyla struggled to stay ahead of the fully packed truck while Jonas, the tractor driver, chose to play around a bit. Safe to say, beers were drunk that night.

Eyal running in front of the truck


The best spot to progress

Eyla can only describe the vibe at Vayu as “chill” and “cool”. Spoken as a true kitesurfer. But what he likes most, is the strong and stable winds that dominate the lagoon. Progression comes naturally in this spot and he enjoys leveling up like a pro. 

Eyla has been on many other kite holidays – Egypt, Brasil, the Philippines, Zanzibar, Poland, Germany, Spain, the list goes on. But he finally found his little piece of paradise, here in Mannar. If you can’t find him on the water, you’ll see him jamming on a freshly bought guitar or eating a ginormous plate of food, another favourite thing about Vayu for Eyla. 

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Join Eyla and our other guests on a once in a lifetime (or maybe once every year) trip to Vayu and see him owning it with your own eyes!

Eyla, our door is always open for you, and all of you, our dear readers, too!