Kitesurfing safety – how to launch your kite the safe way

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We can all agree that water is more forgiving than sand will ever be, right? Most accidents we see usually happen on land, and boy do they hurt!

We can’t avoid accidents or mistakes completely, we’re only human after all, but we should all put our best efforts into minimising them and mitigating their consequences. In order to stay safe, keep everyone around us, and out geat safe, we should all follow best practices when launching and landing our kites. Here are our tips on how to launch your kite in a safe way, and we can’t emphasise how important it is to be confident in your skills before attempting this on your own. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask our beachboys and our instructors for help. Keeping everyone safe is our top priority!


Kitesurfing safety - how to launch your kite the safe way 1

1. Ask for assistance

Our beachboys are here to assist you with landing and launching, do not attempt to self-launch/land when there’s others at the spot. If you’re not confident launching on your own ask someone to stand with you and help you launch, or book a coaching lesson with us.⁣ 

2. Check your safety leash and chicken loop

We see kites flying away waaay too often!⁣ Make sure your leash and chicken loop are hooked in properly before launching. We get it, you’re really keen to beat everyone and be the first on the water, but this silly mistake can cost you your gear, or at least the time required to chase your kite down the beach and rig it all again.

Kitesurfing safety - how to launch your kite the safe way 2


3. Check your lines

Such a basic one, right? But we can get sloppy when we’re too eager to get going and crossed or twirled lines happen way too often. Always doublecheck your lines visually before giving the signal to ensure they’re attached correctly.

4. Get the kite in the right position

Most of the accidents we see are due to wrong positioning. If you’re not confident launching on your own, ask someone to help you or consider taking a refresher lesson.⁣ Make sure you’re kite is on the edge of the window and there’s the right tension in the lines. You should be the one walking to that sweet spot rather than having the assistant move the kite for you.

5. Make sure you have enough clearance. ⁣

If things were to go south, where would the kite pull you? Where would the kite fall down? Ensure there are no obstacles downwind from you, and most of all ensure you’re not endangering anyone downwind from you.

Kitesurfing safety - how to launch your kite the safe way 3


6. Give the signal

You should be launching the kite with one hand, while having the other hand ready to release your safety in case something goes wrong. Don’t be that guy who lunches with the board already in their hand.


Release the safety if something goes wrong. Yes, the kite is expensive but you, my dear, are priceless! ⁣


Do you still have some doubts about launching your kite? Or you just don’t feel confident enough to do it on your own yet? That’s no problem at all, just let us know any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to help you or arrange a kite lesson for you!