Our Story

Our story commences with a calling, a calling to follow a dream. Dil and Leo both loved Kitesurfing and it was as if all forces of the universe brought them together, through a blog, an email, a kite trip and then a friendship which ultimately led to them teaming up to start of the most EPIC Kiting Company in the World – Kitesurfing Lanka.

Adam's bridge crossing Mannar Sri LankaHaving visited Adam’s Bridge in 2011 and being literally the first person to Kitesurf there, Thalaimannar has since been on our minds as a new Kitesurfing Camp location.  It is a location where you will have endless flatwater conditions because of the Sand Banks that form the Adam’s Bridge. The wind stability and strength it’s at its best here due to the venturi effect, that pushes air between the land mass of Sri Lanka and India creating pressure differences and, what goes with it, the perfect kitesurfing conditions.

In 2011 the first island crossing was planned, however, due to legal requirements we were not allowed to cross from India to Sri Lanka on this occasion. Once Kitesurfing Lanka was started in Kalpitiya much effort was focused on the camp in Kalpitiya however deep down, we knew we must go to the Adams Bridge, Mannar.

dilsiri + léoIt took us 4 years to find the suitable location for the perfect kitesurfing camp. Althought all the plots on the peninsula were already sold, luck brought us to Ajith. Once we met Ajith and thereafter Mr. Gnanam, it was a like  a dream partnership, we shared  a in common viewpoint on a many things and in October 2016 the land was blessed by Pastor Kendall and the foundation was laid to build Vayu.

This is our passion; Creating: Kitesurfing: Nature. The Vayu project brings all this together and we are excited to have you experience the birth of Sri Lanka’s newest Kitesurfing Destination.
vayu resort aerial - Mannar kitesurfWe replicate some of our Kitesurfing Lanka models in terms of business style and ethics. We strongly believe in the ethos that as much as we develop, the community around us must also develop. We form win win partnerships and you will also be part of this partnership. You invest in your experience and the benefits will trickle down to the community.

Dil, Leo and the Team from Vayu