What is the best spot to learn kitesurfing in Asia?

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Kitesurf School Mannar Sri Lanka


Kitesurfing is taking the world by storm and rightly so! We love this sport and believe everyone should try kitesurfing, chances are you’ll get hooked too!

Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, is a fairly new sport and hands down the coolest water-sport you can learn. It might seem hard, or even dangerous at first, but  when you learn in the right kite spot and with the help of a reputable kite instructor, we can guarantee learning to kitesurf is a lot easier than it seems and you will progress a lot faster.


What are the characteristics of a great spot to learn kitesurfing?

As a beginner, you want to ensure you learn in ideal conditions with a reliable kite instructor, which will make your learning process a lot easier and a lot faster. Here’s what you should look for when choosing your destination for learning to kitesurf in Asia:

1. Flat water with minimal waves

When learning to kitesurf you need to control the kite and the board at the same time. It takes a little bit of practice to synchronise your arms and legs, that’s why it’s important you choose a flat water sport to learn to kitesurf. This way you can focus on getting the moves right without the added hassle of battling with chop or waves.


2. Shallow learning area

Shallow water is not only a lot flatter than deep water, but also a much safer environment for learning to kitesurf. As a beginner you want to ensure you can stand comfortably and walk back if necessary, because you will have to walk back while you’re learning. It takes some time to learn to ride upwind and you will loose your board several times before you’ll master the water start.

What is the best spot to learn kitesurfing in Asia? 1


3. Warm seas

As a beginner, you’ll spend a lot of time scrambling in the water so you want to ensure it is warm enough for you to spend prolonged times in the water without getting cold. This isn’t just a matter of comfort, but safety as well since cold and tense muscles are more prone to injury.


4. Constant trade winds without gusts

You don’t want to spend your holiday sitting around doing the wind dance. When picking your kitesurfing destination check the stats for the chosen location to see when the windy season is. As a beginner you want consistent winds without gusts for fastest progression.


5. A spacious lagoon without crowds or hazards

When the conditions are right, the crowds will follow. And that’s great for making new friends and having some fun on the water, but when you’re learning the crowds can be quite daunting. You’re constantly afraid you’ll get your lines tangled or get in someone’s way, and everyone else will be getting in your way too.


6. Experienced kite instructors

A great kite spot is just the beginning, if you want to learn to kitesurf safely and progress quickly, having the right kitesurfing instructor is just as important. Hands on experience can never be replaced with video tutorials or textbooks and an experienced kitesurfing instructor will know how to get you up and riding in no time.

What is the best spot to learn kitesurfing in Asia? 2


Why Vayu in Mannar, Sri Lanka is the best spot to learn to kitesurf in Asia

Not to brag, but Vayu has it all and really is the best destination to learn kitesurfing in Asia! Flat, shallow and warm waters, no crowds, and amazing IKO qualified kite instructors!

  1. At Vayu you will learn to kitesurf in the butter flat waters sheltered by sandbanks.
  2. It’s almost like gliding on a mirror! The water is a very comfortable 25-30 degrees Celsius and most of our students never need a wetsuit.
  3. We’ve designated the shallower area to the kite school. You can touch the floor almost anywhere!
  4. At Vayu the wind is pumping between May and October and we get consistent 25+ knots. Doesn’t get much better!
  5. Mannar is still a fairly new destination and the masses didn’t make their way up here yet which is great for learning to kitesurf, and for progressing your kiteboarding skills. The lagoon is spacious and safe so you don’t have to worry about obstacles or tangled lines and you can focus on learning this amazing sport.
  6. We are very picky with our kite instructors, all of them are IKO certified and come with heaps of experience to ensure you have the best learning experience!


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