What to pack for an awesome kite holiday in Sri Lanka

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What to pack for an awesome kite holiday in Sri Lanka


The winter kite season is just around the corner and we want to help you pack & get ready for an awesome kite holiday in Sri Lanka. Keep on reading and make sure you pack/arrange for all the things on the list below:


Essentials first


For most countries getting a tourist visa for Sri Lanka is pretty easy and can be done by filling out this online form. Once you make the payment you should get an email with a visa confirmation. Since the process is very easy we recommend you apply for the visa with the government site rather than agencies to avoid unnecessary fees.



A little extra caution can never hurt and we recommend having good insurance for those whoopsy moments. Depending on your insurance, you might need to pay an extra fee to cover accidents while kitesurfing so reading the small print is always a good idea. Although Sri Lanka is very safe and our camp has safety guards, you might want to ensure any expensive equipment you’re travelling with is covered too.



Cash is king here in Sri Lanka and most shops won’t accept cards or will charge extra fees for card payment. The currency here is Sri Lankan Rupee and the easiest way to get it is to visit an ATM. There’s plenty of ATMs scattered around the island but we recommend you visit one already at the airport upon your arrival. There’s also plenty of money exchange shops.


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Packing list


This is the first decision you’ll need to make when packing. Obviously, if you want to bring your own gear, a good quiver/board bag is a no brainer and our taxi service makes it very easy for you to transport your luggage to our camp. However, if you’d like to explore the country or you’re coming to Sri Lanka as part of a bigger trip, you might prefer to travel with a suitcase or backpack and rent the gear once you’re here.



What kite size should you bring? And which board to choose? That’s always a tough decision and the airlines really don’t get the struggle with their low weight limits so sometimes we need to leave some gear at home. We get 18-25 knots in summer and 15 to 25 winter so choose your gear accordingly. There’s also kite pumps and a basic set of tools available at the kite spot. Before you zip up your bag make sure you packed all the small bits like safety leash, screws and fins.



Duuh! Can’t have a kite holiday without, right? Sneak one in your carry on and be smarter than any baggage delays.



The sun in Sri Lanka is really strong and the reflection from the water makes it even easier to get sunburnt so make sure to pack:

  • Eco-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin & marine life (and re-apply it regularly)
  • Lycra, rashie or shortie to protect you not only from the sun but also from the scratching of the harness. The water is warm so a wetsuit isn’t needed.
  • Sunglasses with a safety strap so you don’t lose them in the water
  • Hat 

You can also purchase sunscreen, cute KSL Lycras and Rashies, as well as hats and special sports sunglasses from our kite store.


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If you’re still learning to kitesurf you should definitely pack a pair of thin waterproof shoes. You won’t need them as an advanced kiter, but they’re a lifesaver when learning since you will be spending quite a bit of time walking or standing in the shallows.



We provide towels for your bathroom but packing a beach towel or poncho is a good idea so you can get changed at the kite spot and lie on while sunbathing.



If it’s not on Instagram it does not exist, or does it? Anyway, better to have proof of that awesome jump you just landed or commemorate the first time you get up on a board so don’t forget to pack your Go Pro or waterproof case. Our team will gladly snap a few shots for you.

Oh and if you’re not following us yet, make sure to do it now! Also, tag us in your photos so we can see your happy faces and maybe we can even share your shots!

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If you’re planning on travelling around Sri Lanka and visiting the hill country, a rain jacket is usually a good idea but you probably won’t need it if you’re only coming to Vayu.



If you’re only coming for a kite holiday you won’t need much more than shorts & T-shirts since Sri Lanka sits near the Equator and the temperatures are high all year round. However, if you’re planning on travelling around, bring a pair of lightweight pants or a long skirt for temples and a sweater or hoodie if you’re planning on visiting the hill country.

Don’t forget to pack your toiletries too. For environmental reasons, we do not provide shampoo and shower gel in the bathrooms. We do however provide clean towels for your use.


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Ladies, this is a very important one for you. Don’t forget to pack some tampons as they’re hard to come by outside the most touristy parts of Sri Lanka  Or consider a menstrual cup as a more eco-friendly and less bulky alternative.



The pharmacies in Sri Lanka are very well stocked and a lot of the medications can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, however, if there are any medications you use on a regular basis, make sure to pack a sufficient supply of them. We have first aid at the camp, but we recommend you pack some basic first aid supplies too, and don’t forget a good mosquito repellent. The food at the camp is delicious and safe, but if you’re planning on eating at local restaurants while travelling you might want to consider taking some probiotics too.


This is it, all you need to do now is pack all your gear, sun protection, and your personal items in the bag, and you’re ready to roll. We can’t wait to see you this winter! And if you haven’t already, book your stay with us now. Vayu is a fairly small resort and spaces are limited so make sure to book in advance to secure your dates.